About Us

Azaya Clothing is a streetwear apparel retailer owned and operated out of Vancouver, BC.

Co-founded by Adam Fun, Cameron Reid, and Kyle White, our journey began with a simple yet profound goal: to create a clothing brand that transcends the boundaries of style, making room for a diverse community of individuals to express themselves authentically.

While inspired by our Christian faith, we understand the importance of inclusivity. Azaya Clothing isn't just for those who share our beliefsโ€”it's for everyone seeking quality, style, and a sense of identity.

Our brand serves as a platform where individuals can be proud of their beliefs without being overt or exclusive. We've intentionally crafted designs that reflect the values we hold dear while ensuring our apparel is accessible to anyone who chooses to wear it.

Beyond religious affiliations, Azaya is about creating a community that celebrates uniqueness, embracing a wide range of perspectives, styles, and stories. Join us as we continue to evolve, keeping true to our roots while welcoming everyone to be a part of the Flight Club. #flyfree